October Health Update

First of all, I changed the look of my blog (again). Thanks for staying with me through all of the changes!


Before I share medical updates, I want to share a few bright spots from my week. I’ve felt overwhelmed with new/worsening symptoms, but there have been some beautiful moments. I have been pushing myself to be grateful. In doing that, I’ve seen so much kindness. I got a package in the mail from a dear friend and cards from my aunts. I had a friend take a break in her day to take me to get blood work done, and another friend brought me lunch on a terribly shaky day. The people I love have reminded me that I am not alone. 

The last few weeks have been full of appointments, blood work, and tests. Here are the bullet points of what’s going on with my health.

  • I’ve been doing physical therapy in the pool for 3 weeks. I started out with very weak arms and legs, and I’ve been gradually building my strength. I am now able to make it 40 minutes in the pool, which is progress! I still have at least four more weeks of therapy, but I am encouraged by how things are going so far. And my physical therapy team likes TV dramas as much as I do, so we have plenty to talk about while I do my exercises.
  • I started seeing a GI specialist to address my abdominal and back pain. He ordered blood work, an abdominal ultrasound on my right side, and an x-ray of my abdomen. The tests came back mostly normal. He also put me on a gluten-free diet to see if it could reduce inflammation in my digestive tract, but it did not help relieve my pain, so I am back to a typical diet. The doc started me on a medication to treat spasms in my digestive system, which he believes are the source of my pain. Unfortunately, the medication has not relieved the pain, and the tests did not provide any helpful information. I may need to see a different GI specialist who understands how POTS affects the entire autonomic nervous system.
  • My neurologist put me on a new medication. He listened to my concerns about possible autoimmune issues and he referred me to a rheumatologist. I am grateful that I found a wonderfully helpful neurologist. His standard of care is definitely worth the hour drive.   

Today I invite you to look for the hope and goodness in your life. Days can be hard, and sometimes we all struggle to find meaning in the midst of the chaos, but there is always something good to be found.


4 thoughts on “October Health Update

  1. Good I found this week. My early morning job gave me the opportunity to watch the eclipse of the moon followed by the blood moon. Was excited to see the hands of Yaweh working!

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  2. Thank you for the updates. Great news that you are gaining strength and stamina. I agree that we need to look and focus on all the good and positive things that happen each day, and try to maintain hope. I was having a very rough morning earlier but was cheered up by a letter from one of my penpals which put a smile on my face and made me feel less alone


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