Sometimes I find a song that becomes my anthem for awhile. Right now my anthem is “I Believe” by Christina Perri (click here for the video). I stumbled across this song a few weeks ago, and I’ve listened to it on repeat every couple days. The lyrics hold so much truth in them, and different lines stick out to me each time I listen to the song.

It’s become increasingly important to me to know my truth, and “I Believe” is a reminder of many of the beliefs I hold dear. (When I say “my truth,” I am referring to simple beliefs that guide the way I live.) Most of the time, I live with joy and gratitude. But I must be honest– there are days that I do not follow my truth. On those days, I tell myself hurtful, untrue things about my purpose and worth. I have fought hard to become the person that I am, but each day I must choose to live my truth. Living with joy and gratitude is a daily decision.

Chronic illness does not change the core of who I am. It certainly affects the way I live my life, but it doesn’t have to take me away from my truth. Here are some of the things that I must remind myself to believe and practice every day:

  • Gratitude enriches my life. I need to take time to be grateful for the things that make my life better.
  • There is always hope.
  • Everyone needs kindness, both from other people and from themselves.
  • Joy and happiness are different. I can always choose joy, even when life is tough.
  • Being brave doesn’t mean that I am unafraid. Brave people choose hope when they’re afraid.
  • Love is stronger than fear.
  • A messy life can be beautiful.
  • I do not have to be perfect to be loved.
  • Every person has worth, no matter what.
  • I must be part of the change I want to see around me.
  • Compassion and empathy empower me to live an abundant life.

I would be excited to hear how your life is affected by the truths that you hold close to you. We all have something to teach to those around us.


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