Believing in More than Doctors

Welcome to my blog. If you’re looking for more information about me, check out my bio section. I’ll be updating this blog over the next few weeks. Here’s the basics: I am a happy wife to my husband, who I refer to as “S”. I have an abundant life in Indiana, where I spend a lot of time with friends and my cat. I was diagnosed with Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome earlier this year.

Today I went to urgent care for the second time in a week. I went on Saturday due to back pain, lower abdomen pain, and other not-so-fun symptoms. I was told I had an infection that could be resolved easily. I called my nurse practitioner today (Friday) because after 6 days of antibiotics, I still have the same symptoms. She told me to go to urgent care because she wouldn’t be able to see me before Monday.

So, S and I went. We waited to be seen. We explained my symptoms. And we asked for the provider’s feedback. She started with, “Your sample from last week was contaminated, so you didn’t have the diagnosis we thought you did.” Ugh! I’d been taking an antibiotic for an infection that hadn’t been identified. She did an exam, took a sample, and we waited some more. She didn’t find anything noteworthy, so we explained some more. Still nothing. I left with no diagnosis for my pain and symptoms. She sent me home with a script for a new, different antibiotic, hoping that it helps. I followed directions and advocated for myself, but it didn’t matter. The providers couldn’t figure out the problem, and my body acted up at a time that prevented me from seeing my family doctor. Sometimes answers aren’t easy to figure out.

I admit that I am feeling frustrated, annoyed, and a bit defeated. Since I was diagnosed in May, it seems like something new is always going on with my health. I want to see what my new “normal” looks like, but we haven’t gotten there yet. Medical tests, sickness, household tasks, and this unnamed problem have kept me from figuring it out. And I don’t like that at all.

Thanks to a wise woman, I am reminded today that I need to focus on what I do know. I cannot control whether or not my body will cooperate on any given day. But there are a few things that I do know for sure:

  • I am loved. In my dark moments, I doubt this. But most of the time, I know it’s true. I look at the wall of encouraging cards/pictures from loved ones, and I know that I am very loved.
  • Hope is a choice. And so is joy. Every day, I have to decide to focus on the goodness in my life. When I do, my day is much better.
  • There is purpose in my journey. There is purpose in yours, too.

My hope for this blog is to keep my loved ones updated on my health issues and my life in general. Please join me in this crazy, confusing time of my life.


5 thoughts on “Believing in More than Doctors

  1. I am on board with you dear daughter of mine in this crazy and confusing time in your life. Thanks for sharing through this blog. I love you, Mom~


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  3. Much love to you! I absolutely love your outlook on your disorder. I know it can be rough, I went through almost 2 years and 14 specialists before getting diagnosed with POTS. I can relate completely to the new “normal” and always having some new health oddity popping up. It is really refreshing to see someone with a positive outlook and willing to find peace and joy in spite of the condition. Having POTS has lead to some of the largest blessings in my life, maybe not the way I thought they would be, but a path I would have never otherwise been brave enough to follow. I look forward to hearing more about you and your journey!

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